Student Stories: Meet Caitlin

Budding Engineer Caitlin joined UTC Leeds to get a head start for her career: ‘I joined UTC Leeds because I thought I would get a better education here, I’d heard recommendations from others. It was a fresh start and Engineering is what I want to go into. There aren’t many girls in Engineering at the moment and it’s a great opportunity for me to get ahead. UTC has good connections and I know that I’ll be able to get a job, or it will help me get to university.’

Caitlin is now studying towards her GCSEs and technical qualifications in English, Maths, Science, Computing, Systems Control, Geography, and Engineering and Machinery. She is already paving the way to be a successful female Engineer in a male dominated profession: ‘I think it can be a problem for girls, trying to get into Engineering. If you aren’t referred to a great specialist school like this, you might not have as good a chance.’

Although Caitlin only joined the UTC this September she already feels she’s made the right choice: ‘I feel a great sense of achievement here. I’ve made machines work that I’ve never seen or use before. Here you get to do things you can’t do. I feel like I’m learning more and I feel I can get along with the teachers better here. There is a sense of community. There are less people and it’s very welcoming.’