Student Stories - Meet Connor

Meet Connor.

Connor is a year 12 student at UTC Leeds who focuses his study on maths, physics and engineering. He needs these qualifications as he hopes to go into commercial piloting, and will need this knowledge for his commercial piloting exams.

So what's Connor's story?

The cat's out of the bag - Connor is a qualified pilot. He passed his flying licence just after the age of 17, allowing him to fly single-engine aircraft - making him a qualified pilot before he was a qualified driver.

Connor owns his own small plane that he takes out regularly on the weekends, which was actually cheaper for him to get insured on than a car - the plane takes precedent!

He hopes to travel the world with his future career, and particularly wants to fly across New Zealand and Australia. In maths and physics he has been studying balance - which will help him out when he comes to balance his own commercial jet.

Connor is a UTC Leeds student who is literally flying high.

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