Student Stories - Meet Owen

Meet our year 10 student Owen

Alongside his core subjects, Owen has chosen to study electronics, which he’s enjoying due to the independence he is granted – he’s allowed to spend as much time on his projects as he needs. He’s enjoyed getting to work on real projects for real employers, and has recently worked on developing solutions for local company AGFA around how the company can use the wasted heat that they generate.

So what's Owen's story?

Owen just loves engineering - as simple as that! Ever since he was 5 years old, he’s been fascinated by exploring how things work. When Owen first found out about UTC Leeds he was actually in year 11 at the time, but decided to drop back into year 10 just so he could study at UTC Leeds and develop his understanding of engineering further.

For Owen, engineering is more than just ‘sitting at a lathe’, it’s understanding what things are made of and how they’re put together – it’s being able to look at a chair and understand how it was produced.

Owen's passion for engineering combined with the first-class technical education he's receiving at UTC Leeds are setting him up for future success. You won't find a bigger advocate for UTC Leeds than Owen!

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