Student Stories - Meet Tyrell

This is Tyrell.

Tyrell is a year 10 student at UTC Leeds who has chosen to study systems & control alongside his core subjects. Further on in his education Tyrell plans to specialize in either mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, but for now he's keeping his options open.

He chose UTC Leeds after he looked around the campus and decided that it was an opportunity for him to ‘do something big’ – those are his words, not ours!

So what's his story?

In his spare time, Tyrell is a rapper. He's grown up around music and has always loved to dance, but focuses more on his rap these days. Tyrell's dad used to rap as a hobby, and his uncle has always loved to rap too, so it really runs in the family; he says music has surrounded him his whole life. He's uploaded one of his songs to YouTube, and has loads more that he’s not recorded yet. Tyrell features in a lot of his friend's videos too, who also go to UTC Leeds!

What Tyrell says he likes about UTC Leeds is that it gives him a better chance in life. He appreciates that he's more likely to go straight into a job or an apprenticeship after leaving UTC Leeds, and without the technical qualifications that the college provides him with, he might not know what to do after finishing his education. He says UTC Leeds provides him with the tools he needs to build a better future.

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