Teacher Interviews

Welcome to the Teacher Profiles section of our website. Here some of our teaching and senior leadership staff share their experiences of working at the UTC and explain why they chose to join the UTC Leeds team.

Meet Karla Bennett Head of Maths 

Karla Bennett, Head of Maths at UTC Leeds, is inspiring students with the importance of maths within STEM and engineering: ‘Here all the work we do with science and engineering ties in maths to real-life contexts. You don’t have students asking, “Why are we doing this?” as they see the relevance across the curriculum. It’s great to be able to say to a student, “You might see this in engineering” and to tell them where they might see the maths.’ 

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Meet Amy Hirst Teacher of Engineering

Amy Hirst has been teaching engineering at UTC Leeds since September 2017, having previously taught engineering at UTC Sheffield for three years. After taking a year out travelling, she returned to teaching at a UTC as she decided that she couldn’t teach the subject to the level that she wanted to teach it anywhere else: ‘The way that we try and inspire students is by getting the employers on board to create exciting real-life projects, so students can see how their engineering work can develop into potential careers.’

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