A Day in the Life: Year 10

Our students will benefit from a longer working day (8.30am-5.00pm) and slightly longer school year.
A typical day might involve:


8.10am: I arrive and have a drink with some friends in the cafe area.
8:30am: I have a profile team meeting his morning. This is where we work on the seven key attributes that we will need to become successful engineers. This week I want to plan my visit to Siemens. I'm working the 'enquiry and analyses' section of my Record of Academic and Personal Growth (RAPG) so I need to make sure I have some good questions to ask.
9:40am: I have English next. We are writing a brief for a project that we are developing with Siemens. Our tutors making sure that we 'dot all the i's and cross all the t's'.
10:50am: Break. I've arranged to meet some friends at the cafe.
11:10am: Next we have a briefing in one of the 'show and tell' rooms. We are learning to use the 3D printers and some of the other CNC equipment so one of our tutors is going to show us the types of components that we can make using the equipment.
12:20pm: Lunch. Catch up with friends and eat in the cafe.
13:05pm: We are in the Design & Media suite for a session on the CAD machines. My design is coming on well and I will be ready to move on to the manufacturing later. I will be using what I learnt this morning to produce a prototype on the 3D printer.
15:25pm: Muster break. We meet with teachers, tutors and employers in this break to discuss progress with various aspects of our progress. I have a video conference booked with a contact from the University.
15:50pm: The final hour today is enrichment. We have a choice of what we can do including sport, photography, art, extra languages and media club to mention a few. There are leadership and community opportunities, which will really develop my CV.
I will be continuing with my quadcopter design and build. We are testing components to see if they improve the performance of the quadcopters.
17:00pm: Finish. Another great day. I'm really looking forward to my visit to Siemens tomorrow.