Journey / Pathways

Multiple routes are available to our students all of which include GCSEs and A level, with students able to leave at age 16 to pursue other paths or continue to graduate at age 18 fully prepared and qualified to progress to undergraduate degree courses at universities or higher level apprenticeship programmes with approved employers.

After two years, students can choose to leave the college to pursue other interests including technical or advanced apprenticeships. Students with the right grades can also progress into our sixth-form to study GCE A Level maths, one or two (A Level equivalent) technical levels in more advanced areas of engineering and design, and choose from a further range of A levels such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, graphic design or further maths.

Major projects with employers will continue in the sixth-form. One of these will be developed further in Year 13 and entered for the extended project award. Those students passing A Level maths, a technical level in engineering, together with the extended project, will secure the nationally recognised technical baccalaureate.