At UTC Leeds you will study a broad and balanced curriculum, designed to enable students to gain the full range of subjects to qualify for the E.Bacc whilst also focusing on our specialist areas in engineering and advanced manufacturing.

'As well as achieving the full range of GCSEs and A Levels, students will be able to work with leading employers from the region to develop and nurture specialist engineering and creative thinking skills.'


In supporting our students on their journey to the best grades, UTC teachers will continuously monitor each student's progress. Progress grades will be assessed and shared with students and parents four times a year in quarterly reports. Students' individual programmes will be amended on the basis of these reports and additional support provided where necessary.

Students will:

a) Study for a minimum of eight qualifications
b) All qualifications will either be GCSE or technical awards
c) Study for further approved qualifications as appropriate

a) Mathematics
b) English language (and literature)
c) Double / triple science
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics

OCR National Technical Awards in:
- Engineering design
- Engineering manufacturing
- Systems control
- GCSE computer science
- GCSE geography

a) A Modern Foreign Language
b) Product design OR
c) Graphics

a) Contributing to a series of industry-led 'major projects' in projects teams
b) Visiting partner organisations to gain firsthand experience of the engineering world
c) Partnering with the engineering faculty at the University of Leeds
d) Working with mentors from industry and education

a) Building a record of academic and professional growth (RAPG)
b) Leading and taking part in enrichment activities
c) Taking part in RE, PCHE, citizenship and sports activities
d) Receiving the very best in careers education