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Project: Artificial Limbs

3 January 2018 (by Sero Creative (SeroCreative))

Working with employer partners and experts at the University of Leeds is at the heart of everything we do at the UTC, providing students with the technical, personal and professional skills to stand out from the crowd.

Last year, UTC students were asked to take part in a global project called ‘Team UnLimbited’ to create prosthetic limbs for children in Africa who had lost limbs in landmine blasts. Using the UTC’s 3D printers, students produced mechanical hands from a blueprint provided by TeamUnlimbited. The hands give enough movement to pick up a variety of objects. Some users have even learned to ride a bike or play the piano. UTC Leeds was selected because of its 3D printer facilities. Charity ‘Enabling the Future’ matches companies or individuals who have 3D printers to people in need of limbs. The UTC has become an officially approved partner of the charity and Year 10 students are now building a prosthetic arm for a five year-old boy.