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Student Story: Harry

22 January 2018 (by Sero Creative (SeroCreative))

Meet Harry one of UTC Leeds Post 16 engineering students.

Seventeen-year-old Harry is exploring his interests at UTC Leeds: ‘I thought Engineering might be something I’d like to do at university, but I wanted to give it a trial run, so UTC seemed like a good choice.’

Harry is studying towards A Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics as well as his technical specialism focusing on Civil Engineering. He is currently applying to university. At UTC Leeds, project-based learning forms a large part of the curriculum: ‘Projects are a huge part of what we do at the UTC. The projects we do make it all real. They are all set by employers. It adds a level of complexity and forces you to apply what you learn to the real world.’

The first project Harry worked on was a design project for a juke box manufacturer, Sound Leisure. For the project Harry and one of his peers, Chloe, designed a wall speaker: ‘It was quite an original concept. When we presented it back to the Managing Director, he liked it and said we could make it. They gave us the electronic parts and we put it together.

‘They don’t have this type of speaker in mass production, it’s the new technology they are moving towards. They are thin resonance speakers, you can put them on any surface and it turns the surface into the speaker. As a result, the speaker only needs to be approximately 20mm thick. I had done work experience there, so I knew they had the software to do that.’

Now Harry has been at the UTC for over a year, he is sure he made the right choice: ‘It was definitely the right decision to come here; they put a lot of emphasis on Maths and Physics, which is good because a lot of schools don’t. I’ve been involved in a lot of industry projects, and there are more opportunities here. I completed an NVQ too which I wouldn’t have done elsewhere.’