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Student Story: Igor

30 January 2018 (by Sero Creative (SeroCreative))

Meet Igor one of UTC Leeds engineering students.

Igor has his sights set on a career with global employer Google: ‘When I finish my studies, I would like to become a programmer. I’d like to go to work for a big company like Google.’

He decided to join the UTC to pursue his interests, in what he felt was a more advanced environment: ‘I have always been interested in computing and mechanics. This school is advanced and has lots to do with computers, electrical engineering and science. My old school wasn’t good for this; the teachers here are experts.’

Igor only joined the UTC this September but is already settling in; he sees the longer hours at UTC as a bonus for his studies: ‘If I stay here for four years it’ll be like getting an extra year of education because that time adds up. I hope to get the highest grade I can.’ He’s most enjoyed learning about electrical engineering: ‘The thing I’ve mainly enjoyed is the electrical side of engineering because I like working with components. I like seeing what’s going on behind a screen.’