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Meet Charlie:

18 April 2018 (by Sero Creative (SeroCreative))

Meet Charlie one of UTC Leeds Post 16 engineering students.

UTC Leeds aims to prepare students for the world of work, and Year 12 student Charlie is already experiencing the difference from his previous school: ‘Here the day is 9am to 5pm, like a working day. I think it’s a great idea to get used to it. Already at UTC I’ve learnt more about career choices and the kinds of things I will be doing in the workplace. For example, six people came in from engineering companies and told us about their roles and what they do, it was really helpful.’

Continuing, Charlie said: ‘Like in the workplace, everyone here has some common interests, including the teachers. Everyone is really friendly, and it makes for a great environment.’ Charlie is also looking forward to continuing to work with UTC Leeds’ employer partners: ‘The main reason I came to the UTC was for the opportunities. At the UTC, they have connections with over 70 companies.’ Charlie is now studying towards his technical qualification and A Levels, while he decides what’s next: ‘I’d like to do an apprenticeship when I finish here, and I feel that by studying here I’ll have better connections with industry.’